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Feminist Missives Cutlery Sticker set with 7 stickers, positioned on a wooden surface.
A white plate with a black circular sticker with a purple exclamation bubble which contains the words "Lippy Hippy" in white distressed text. The plate is on top of a black placemat with a fork shaped sticker on the left that reads "Feminist as Fork" and a butter knife shaped sticker on the right that reads "Don't let the Patriarchy Butter your Muffin".
A stack of Feminist Missives Cutlery vinyl sticker sheets on a wood surface

4 Pack of Sticker Sheets - Feminist Cutlery Stickers

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This permanent vinyl sticker set is on a single 6.5"x9" sticker sheet and features the Feminist as Fork phrases. Each sheet contains 7 individually cut stickers, including:

  • Fork Sticker with the words "Feminist As Fork"
  • Fork Sticker with the words "Fork Gender Rolls" - see what we did there?
  • Spoon Sticker with the words "Riots Not Diets"
  • Butter Knife Sticker with the words "Don't Let The Patriarchy Butter Your Muffin"
  • Lippy Hippy stickers in 3 vibrant colours.

Pair these with our pronoun stickers!


Fulfilled from North Vancouver, BC, Canada

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